Recovery and therapeutic massage

In addition to relaxing you and simply feeling “good,” massage therapy can enhance your recovery from strenuous exercise, muscle injury, and even surgery. Scientific studies show that massage can reduce inflammation caused by strenuous activities or injury. The same research by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging also found that massage can help your cells recover through proteins produced by certain massage techniques, cells that also promote “muscle energy generation and adaptation to endurance exercise.”

By Mark Beck

Many people have remarkable stories of how massage therapy has played an integral role in their health and healing. Please read the article by Mark Beck on his experience with massage therapy after a ski accident that turned him into a quadriplegic.  Review Rates

Sports massage

Sports massage has numerous benefits for athletes and those with active lifestyles. Sports massage can improve athletic performance, reduce pain, prevent injuries, and as mentioned in the Recovery Massage study, can promote your muscles to adapt to strenuous exercise. In addition to the physical benefits, sports massage includes physiological benefits that reduce anxiety and tension and promote calm and relaxation. Review Rates

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is one of the best natural therapies for athletes and active lifestyles. The hot stones help your muscles relax and allow me to better manipulate different areas of your muscles and tissues. This more intense therapy may provide even greater relief due to the depth and additional pressure the heat allows. As with all massages, always let me know if you experience any discomfort so that we find your ideal pressure to maximize healing and recovery. Review Rates

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is best for providing targeted therapy to painful, stiff areas in your body. Deep tissue massage focuses pressure on the deeper layers of muscles, tendons, and other tissue to relieve chronic aches and pain. Deep tissue therapy usually focuses on a specific problem area. Review Rates

Stress relief massage

Stress is a trigger that can make the symptoms of any chronic condition worse. Massage for relieving stress is best not only to physically relax you, but also the physiological benefits of clearing your mind, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Review Rates

Regardless of the type of massage you prefer, please know that your overall comfort and wellness is my top priority. Together we can discuss the best options for massage therapy that addresses your needs. Please contact me to discuss your needs or to reserve an appointment.

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